The Pink Combs | Mobile Head Lice Removal
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Who We Are

Who We Are

The Pink Combs is a mobile head lice removal service that provides an honest and informative helping hand to clients struggling with lice infestations. We use an all-natural process to remove head lice from the scalp and hair without the use of pesticides.

While the removal of head lice is our specialty and our real passion is to educate families, church congregations, school/ daycare communities, and other institutions on the methods of transfer that head lice prefer. Our technicians are trained by teachers who have extensive knowledge from several years’ experience in the industry.

In depth study, and active daily experience with head lice removal has made each of our teammates an expert.  In the process of passing along the knowledge that we have attained through personal struggles, in-depth study and an active daily experience with head lice removal we will not waiver in our goal to relieve families from the stress associated with head lice.

Mobile Head Lice Removal

Our care offers a proven method for head lice removal. Using all natural products and the right tools, we manually remove all stages of the infestation.

Best of all, we are a mobile service! This means we will come to you to provide full treatment in the privacy of your own home or place of business.


Discreet and Convenient

Not yet ready to share your LOUSY day with your close family and friends? With The Pink Combs at your service, you won’t have to. We will come directly to you to provide treatment.

Teammates will arrive promptly and quietly in unmarked vehicles, and leave the same. If you’re looking for discretion and want to receive treatment as conveniently as possible, call The Pink Family to the rescue!


24/7 Service

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you have to do is call us, and we are on the way; any time of day or night that best fits your schedule.

We cover Georgia (except Atlanta), Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and the Carolinas, as well as the surrounding area. Contact us to see if possible arrangements can be made for us to serve you, even if you are outside of our normal travel area.



Pink Tips

Knowing a bit about your six legged visitor may help to abate some of your fears:

Head Lice:

  • Do not infest the home.
  • Are NOT seasonal.
  • Are NOT deterred by hair spray, gel, nor any other styling products.
  • Do not transmit disease.
  • Is transferred by head to head contact. It only takes 3 seconds for a louse to transfer from one head to another.
  • Can infest scalps easily. Two viable nits is all that is required to in order to start a thriving infestation.