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Are you looking for a natural solution to head lice? You found it! Using natural manual methods we gaurantee clearnace.

The Pink Experience

Travel Service Time Prices Follow ups
The Pink Combs Entire Southeast 1 ½ hrs. Flat Rates No
Competitor 1 Selected areas 1-5 hrs. Not Listed n/a
Competitor 2 Selected areas Hidden fees yes
Competitor 3 Selected areas 1 hrs. Flat Rates



Travel: Our teams move 24/7 and are located throughout the entire southeast. If you are within our regions appointments options are guaranteed.  Contact us now and allow us to schedule an appointment tailored to your schedule.

Travel fees are our only variation in price. We calculate travel based on the miles of the closest team to you, in each state travel begins at $75 but cannot exceed the listed price.

North Carolina $75 -$ 175

South Carolina $75 – $150

Tennessee $75 – $150

Georgia $75 – $130

Florida $75- $200

Service: The entire treatment is educational. Join The Pink family and allow our extensively trained technicians to not just remove your infestation but to offer the peace of mind only gained through knowledge and understanding.

Our teams will teach you:

  • Signs and symptoms of head lice
  • Simple cleaning options tailored to your home. *There is only a 1% chance of head lice in your living environment, but we know you’d love to clean.
  • How to implement proven prevention methods.
  • How to do an accurate head check.

Forgot something mentioned during treatment? Not to worry. After treatment, we extend 24/7 live support, the family is always with you!

Fact: Head lice needs a human host to survive

Our process removes all stages of head lice (casing, nits, live bugs). Once treated, we will never leave you with head lice! Our service guarantees a 99% clearance only holding 1% for human error. Should you find something left behind by our team they return at no cost to you.

Join the pink family and allow us to change your head lice experience.

Most liken the experience to an in-home salon that provides scalp massages (YES! Treatment is likened to a scalp massage) so to complete the experience EVERY TREATMENT ENDS WITH DESGINER BRAIDS.


Prices: Head lice can get pricy, but we promise NO HIDDEN FEES!

Head Check $45– Every service begins as a head check and only advances into treatment per the clients’ request.

No lice! Your fee remains $45. Should our teammates find evidence of head lice, they will show you their findings and offer treatment.

If you decide to opt for treatment we cancel the head check fee in lieu of the service fee. This means you are only charged once!


Girls/Women’s’ $160

Boys/Men $130

Follow Ups: Once treatment is completed you are considered clear and non-contagious. You are free to resume life. We advise that you attempt homework coming for your peace of mind.


Day cares and Camps: Pricing based on size, contact us for a quote.