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With The Pink Combs your family is our only focus.


While the removal of head lice is our specialty and our real passion is to educate. In depth study, extensive training and an active daily experience with head lice removal has made each of our teammates an expert. Throughout the entire course of treatment, your team will debunk myths with facts as they teach you: the methods of transfer that head lice prefer, the signs and symptoms of head lice, proven prevention methods, how to implement them and much more…

The Pink Combs aim is to be as accommodating as head lice is not. We offer discreet 24/7 service to distressed families located throughout the entire Southeast regions (the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida).

  • Our service is exclusively MOBILE. Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, teams arrive promptly and quietly in unmarked vehicles to provide full treatment in the privacy of your own home.
  • Our service is EDUUCATIONAL. Our teammates are trained to answer all your lice related questions. THE GOAL IS YOUR PEACE OF MIND.
  • Our service is TIME EFFICENT. While others dispatch just one technician we dispatch two (2). Our goal is to reduce your down time and maintain the quality of your experience. The average treatment takes 1 ½ hrs.
  • Our process is NATURAL. Our team uses our natural repellant product to saturate the hair and manually remove the entire infestation through a series of comb outs.
  • Our service is GAURANTEED. Before your teammate begins a treatment, they will show you evidence of their findings, after treatment is completed the second teammate will perform a quality control check. This ensures that our teammates leave you at a true 99% clearance. Should you find some lice related that your team has left behind, contact us and we can have your team re-dispatched at no cost to you. How is that for guarantees?


After treatment, you are still not alone! Going Pink means 24/7 live support and it’s just a call or a click away.

What do we mean? Forgot something you and your team discussed during treatment? Or just forgot to ask a question? Found something during a personal check and aren’t sure about your findings? Don’t worry, we are with you! Just take a picture of your findings and it to and an on-staff technician will provide a free analysis and consultation.