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Tips and Care

Some Pink Tips

Knowing a bit about our six legged visitors may help to abate some of your fears:


Head Lice:
• Do not infest the home.
• Are NOT seasonal.
• Are NOT deterred by hair spray, gel, nor any other styling products.
• Do not transmit disease.
• Is transferred by direct hair to hair contact. It only takes 3 seconds for a louse to transfer from one head to another.
• Two viable nits is all that is required to in order to start a thriving infestation.
*Check out our blog Lice Rants for more facts about dealing with head lice.


• No matter their age, continuously talk to your children about the personal space bubble.
• We cannot always ensure an entirely safe environment for our children. Keeping the hair contained will allow kids to be kids while minimizing the risk of head lice transfer.
• Use hair products designed specifically to discourage lice infestations. Pinkpellent is wonderful detangling hair conditioner with essential oils blended specifically to dissuade lice from moving in.
*Check out our blog Lice Rants for more tips about dealing with head lice.


** NOTE: You do not need to clean the entire house! **


Remember head lice are parasites, they need a human host to survive. Focus on the head, not the house. Any cleaning that is done is purely precautionary and only needs to be done once!

How to prepare for our visit:

  • Unbind/remove any braids, twists, or hair extensions.
  • Wash and dry hair. Loosely contain it in a bun, or braided ponytail.
  • Compile any head lice questions or concerns you may have for your personal team upon their arrival.


  • Phone Consultation: Free
Price Current Specials
Head Checks $45 CAMP PACKAGE
$160  Contact your camp for details.
Boys/Men $120
Boys/Men with
long hair.

** NOTE: All services rendered is on a case by case basis. Our only rate variation is determined by location. **

Nit – Babies – Adults

We Get Them All

What Should You Do?

Limit your personal contact with others and maintain your personal space. It only takes 3 seconds for a louse to travel from one person to the next.

Be Proactive

  • Do weekly head checks. (Look for itching at the scalp. Also look for small red bumps or sores on the neck and/or scalp.)
  • If one infestation is found, be sure to check everyone in the household.
  • Contact all family, friends and co-workers the infested party has been in contact with.


** IMPORTANT TIP: Remember head lice removal is a process, so you should do follow-through no matter the treatment process you choose. **

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